[SOLD] 74.7m SP Focused Leviathan / Phoenix Pilot

I am for sale.


Relevant Skills:

  • Caldari Titan V
  • Caldari Dreadnought V
  • Doomsday V
  • Rapid Doomsday V
  • Jump Portal Generation V
  • Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration V
  • Torpedoes V
  • XL Torpedoes V
  • XL Cruise Missiles V
  • JDC V
  • JFC V
  • Capital Shield Operation IV (V finishes in 12 days)

Looking for offers 90B+

Want it now? B/O 100B

70b isk offered

if you are ready to sell today we can discuss a buyout in game

@Queen_Currency sure, send me a mail, i’ll be online soon.

trying to talk to you in game

Queen was confused by the difference between a low-ball and a buyout.

This character is still for sale. Ready for someone who wants a perfectly skilled and focused character.

Still here, ready to BOSON your enemy in the face.

90B isk ready

@goldcup_dio Offer accepted. Please send ISK and account name to me in game and I will initiate the transfer as soon as possible. Just FYI, I am traveling for work, so my response may be a bit delayed. However, I should be able to start this within the next 24 hours.

isk sended ,Please check it.

@goldcup_dio ISK Received, but I the account name you provided did not work. Can you please email me the eve online account name of an active account with an open character slot.


I have sent you my account number in the game

@goldcup_dio I have received your account information and ISK. I have started the character transfer process. Thank you and enjoy.

Has received the character , the cooperation is pleasant .good luck.

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