WTS 86M SP Focused Caldari Titan Pilot

(General Lantien) #1


Pretty much all level 5’s for anything that matters for a Caldari Titan Pilot.

Currently training Jump Portal Generation to 5

Has a +5 learning clone(New Caldari) and a HG Snake clone(previous owner - located in NPC 0.0) along with the Genolution/Missile clone shown on eveboard(Maila).

Has Raata Sunset Leviathan Skin

No Kill Rights
+ve sec status
+ve wallet
All CCP rules will be complied with during the sale

Price: 77B

(General Lantien) #2

still for sale

(Maizie Fields) #3


(General Lantien) #4

67.5 is too low.

Still for sale

(Karl Binchiette) #5


(General Lantien) #6

Still for sale.

(Karl Binchiette) #7

check Your Mail

(General Lantien) #8

Accepted private sale bid of 74B via ingame mail,

(Karl Binchiette) #9

Isk and Account Info Sent. Thanks.

(General Lantien) #10

confirmed received.

Character transfer initiated.



(Karl Binchiette) #11

Transfer complete. Thank you very much!