WTS 86M SP Focused Caldari Titan Pilot


Pretty much all level 5’s for anything that matters for a Caldari Titan Pilot.

Currently training Jump Portal Generation to 5

Has a +5 learning clone(New Caldari) and a HG Snake clone(previous owner - located in NPC 0.0) along with the Genolution/Missile clone shown on eveboard(Maila).

Has Raata Sunset Leviathan Skin

No Kill Rights
+ve sec status
+ve wallet
All CCP rules will be complied with during the sale

Price: 77B

still for sale


67.5 is too low.

Still for sale


Still for sale.

check Your Mail

Accepted private sale bid of 74B via ingame mail,

Isk and Account Info Sent. Thanks.

confirmed received.

Character transfer initiated.



Transfer complete. Thank you very much!