WTS Leviathan (Caldari Titan) Pilot

WTS Leviathan (Caldari Titan) Pilot
Password: 1234
35 Bill

Positive vallet & SS.
Max ly Jump/Portal skills trained.
Perception/Willpower & +5 implants for Missile training (all books awailable)
1 Remap awailable.
All CCP rule apply.
I will pay transfere fee.

15b offer

15.5 bil if quick

hello! 25 b/o. u mustleave your corp before u wanna sell this char!

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Corporation Deep Core Mining Inc.

BO 39Bill
I leaved corp before create topic.

30B offer

Awaiting BO, thank you.

Character for sale

24M Skill 30b can’t be any more

It work not for titan pilot

Character for sale.

To the top!

To the top!

Just because it is a carrier pilot doesn’t mean anything. People could just extract for cheaper and make a carrier pilot and then sell them for profit this way. Sales are based on SP not one ship.

24M Skill 30b can’t be any more

Not carrier, Titan.
Sales are based on SP & Books, not only SP.

to the top!

to the top!

29b max

29.5 B max