WTS Leviathan Pilot

WTS highly focused Leviathan pilot, has no wasted skill points! Has little over 32 million allocated skill points and 550k unallocated skill points.

EVESkillBoard Password -> 1234
Character is in a NPC corporation, has a positive wallet, has no kill rights, has one +5 training clone, has no killboard and is located in Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldary Navy Assembly Plant.

Starting bid: 35B
Buyout: Hidden

If come to an agreement, character will be transferred with PLEX.

extractor value is 24.3b yw

28 bill

30b now

31 bill

32 bil

33b now

Back up, still looking for offers!!

34 Billion isk ready

37bil ready

Thanks for the offers, still looking for a bit more.

ill offer 38b isk ready


41b isk


43b isk


45 b isk


47b isk