WTS Levi pilot 25m SP


+5s learning clone
Positive Wallet
Almost clean KB
No killrights
Sec status: 0
Character will be located in high sec

All CCP rules apply
I will pay transfer fee

Starting bid 35b
Buyout 45b

15 bil

Anywhere from 20 to 30B

hes worth around 35b

31 bill

I will check for how mucj you will sold this character, because I have the same )

Bid seen

daily bumb

if there is no more offers within the next 24 hours its yours

35 b/o. Isk ready, the offer is valid for 3 hours

im still here 31b ready waiting on the 24h to pass :smiley:

just saw your bid now. if you still want it its yours for 35 bill

any eta m8 ?

Hello. i wanna b/o 32b isk.

33 bill b/o

hello again. I can B/O write now 34b. deal?

sure, 35 B

isk and acc info was send

lol what a wanker, cant you see this is still ongoing ?

you’re very uncultured, apparently you’ve been badly raised. However, I only see what I’m interested in, namely