WTS 25M SP NYX Pilot

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/SenseLight password:888

  • 25M SP
  • 1,738,842 unallocated SP
  • JDC 5
  • 1DQ-A and D-P clone

ONLY 12DAYS FOR Gallente Carrier lvl 5
NPC corp, Positive Wallet and cute charater(0v0)
Starting Bid: 30 B isk
I want to wait a day to decide who to give this character to.

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If you can I can directly transfer ISK


31,5b i buy it

32B ,If you can I can directly transfer ISK

i pass


Please continue to your performance

If the seller don’t talk calculate

If you can reply online, please don’t push up prices, with one another in number two to you want to sell to the private chat me or reply directly

i will go sleep , Keep bidding tomorrow morning

When shall we start trading?

Alright,send ISK and account info to me and I’ll send the character.

ok,isk and account will be sent in 3 hours.

isk and account was send

did i fall into a scams ?

No,I was a little delayed yesterday.I am starting the process now.

ISK and info received. Transfer request has been sent.