WTS 127 Mill SP Supercarrier Nyx pilot

pass : 2797

2009 character, my main character
With good skills
no kill rights
pos wallet
all ccp rules apply
Sec. Status: 4.74

Bid 100 Bill


maybe 105 and let’s go?

Just 100b and let’s go?

good go

isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail. Thanks! Please transfer after 10 hours

What time can you start the transfer? The isk has been sent for more than 24 hours.Please start the transfer as soon as possible.If you do not agree to the transaction, please return the ISK.If I still can’t contact you, I’ll try something else

hi, I think my patience is about to run out. If you can’t transfer this toon tomorrow, I will ask gm to get my isk back.

Hello, GM. He didn’t start transferring characters after I sent isk and he didn’t contact me @GM_Ix @GM_Whiskers @GM_Nito @GM_Archduke @CCP_Arcade @GM_Taco @GM_Endymion @GM_Amaterasu @GM_Eidolon @GM_Telomer Please help to deal with it. thank you!

Still for sale?

Please help to deal with it. thank you! @GM_Aisling @GM_Telomer @GM_Stinger @ISD_Norros @ISD_Thalack_Dalhar @ISD_Hazard @ISD_Bubblemoon @ISD_BH_LookupTable @ISD_Sakimura @ISD

Thread is now closed.

This will be dealt with in a ticket.