SOLD 19MSP Rorq Pilot

I was away cause of work, sorry for didnt reply for the last topic. I would like to sell this on in Two weeks.

Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Located In 1 Jump from Jita

start 20B
30B B/O

12,5 bill

14b is my bid. 20b seems high, you only have industrial reconfiguration 1.

anyone higher ?

14,1 bill now?

tell if i can send the ISK

no sorry

you would need t2 indi core to ask for 20 bill

20b,i will buy it

21b ready

sweet I will end this topic today and make this trade so if anyone wants to add on, please do it today.

20b b/o today?

Okay my 21b offer is still valid.

22b that will be great

23 Bil

24B today~

im going to end this trade now in 10 mins, and that will be it ~

25b today

sweet u r the last

u can pay to Captain Bo now, I will sent guilty daious once i recive it

01 still not paid yet, so you guys can continue