No longer selling please remove

Can also fly Gallente Carriers
Can use T2 industrial core
Wallet is green
Located in Hisec - Jita
is in NPC corporation
Jump clone - Itamo 20b

How does your combat SP look?

Nvm I’m trippin. Just clicked the link

21b offer

please check your game mail and start transfer or im going to sent GM an ticket to get my isk back

touble men

22b offer

sorry, i will check right now


Thanks for the offers will keep it running till monday

Hey, how much would you like for the pilot?

Just seeing how the bidding goes may add a buy out soon

so what is your buy out,?

Not setting it yet
but if you really want it ill put a high one

honestly anything higher then 25bn is max for this pilot, so inbetween 22-25bn

Yes and that’s what I would take in all honesty

we can talk in game if you wish, just eve mail on whatever pilot you want to Phil Bob and lets see if we can make a deal, interest in buying it today

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Closed at OP’s polite request.