https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Eve_Shikkoken PW:111
18,221,371 SP

Wallet is positive
No current kill rights
Medical clone and pilot currently located in Jita.

14B BO

15B, I can pay it now !

17b BO


18 bil avaliable right now

19b ready

19.5 ready :slight_smile:

20b :wink:


Can you come up to 22?

23B sold me?

23.5b bo

24B :wink:


Do you have the isk ready?


I retract my bid. Irea can have it

I will end at the top of the hour if your bid is still valid.

OK I spend ISK to Eve shikkoken ??

If no further bids in next 4 minutes yes. 24B and we have a deal.