[SOLD} 28mil SP Pilot

Eve Board Quizarima Nariana

Total Net Worth 3 165 120 544 ISK
Medical Clone Location 5KG-PY

Now located Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldary Navy Assembly

Thank a lot for read!

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22 bil

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22.5b offered

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23.0 b

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Is your offer still valid? If so, I’m ready to sell the character in the near future (today or tomorrow).

Yes, this is valid. I would like to do business tomorrow. Today isn’t good for me.

Ok. How we will carry out the transaction. How shall we communicate?

I can do 23.5b right now if you’re interested. isk ready.

I apologize. Your price is higher, but unfortunately we agreed with the user Sisa Amatin and started the sale procedure. I’m sorry


ISK and account info sent.

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Transfer started. Thank you for your cooperation. I got the ISK.

character received. Thanks

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