WTS Myself


-Located in Jita 4-4
-In NPC Corp
-Positive wallet
-Sec status +2.3
-2 Remaps available

27B Buyout

20b rdy

22 bil


24 bil

capital indstruy ship only LV4 mine drone only lv4 … not so good for 30b

I give you 23bil. Youre alt not so good for 30bil.

Buyout lowered to 27B

Happy to do B/O 27m.

At work, can sort isk when I get home.

In the interests of transparency can I ask if you have extracted him since you purchased him?

I assume you mean 27B, If yes, buyout accepted!
And I have not =) He’s untouched since purchase, he even gained a few days of training =P

27billions isk, fail.

Many thanks

If you’re online in 2h, we can get this moving

I will be =)

Account info and isk sent

Isk and account info recieved
Character transfer initiated

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