WTB carrier sitter toon

Min/Gal preffered. Looking for a quick buy. Minimum SP, purely carrier trained also preffered.


if there is a pw it’s idkfa

Gallente Carrier skillbook also injected
let me know if interested.

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Hey I would be interested , just need to know the price . @V3nd3tt4_Amouh

I will let go for 8 billion

Positive wallet
no killl rights
located in Jita
All cpp rules apply

deal , I just need to figure out how this transfer system works. @V3nd3tt4_Amouh

alright you evemail me the account name to where you want me to send the character and send me the isk. I will start transfer once that happens and 10 hours later the character is on your account

ok im going to go to class be back around 6 Pacific time. That’s when ill send the isk and the evemail with my username. ALso we should make a new thread.

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