WTS 47.9Mill Skillpoint Leviathan Pilot

Selling me~

All the usual good stuff like positive wallet, positive sec status, neutral standings to all factions/NPC entities, located in 4-4 Jita in an NPC corp and no killrights apply.


  • Full set of high grade nirvana’s and support implantsplugged in as per the below picture (char board hasn’t updated yet)
  • Full set of +5’s for training plugged in
  • Caldari Titan 5
  • Capital Ships 5
  • XL Cruise/XL Torpedo/Torpedo 5
  • Caldari Frigate 5(can fly cov ops/interceptor to move around in)

Character Board: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Augustina_Capita_Sei


Buyout: 45bill
Offer: Reserved

I shouldn’t need to say but I won’t be setting for ‘skillpoint price’ as this character has a lot invested in implants and skillbooks. Any weak offers will be treated like a free bump~

I’m based in the EU and will check this in the evenings so apologies for any delays in response.

Many thanks!

29b offer

Thanks for the bump, I’m not in a rush - the char is worth a lot more than that! :3

Still open for offers!

Take a look, drop an offer <3


29b still stands open now

Thanks again but that’s far too low of an offer for me to consider serious.



Thanks for the offer, still a little short for me at the moment.

I’ve cut my buyout to 45bill~ Offers very close to that will receive my interest.

40b isk ready

Thanks for the offer, it’s getting very close to my selling point.

Possible to offer a few bill more?

bump still alive

waiting on a sale right now for one of my ships. But ill offer 43 after that goes through. Feel free to take other offers as it might be a week or 2.

Thanks for the offer! Hit me up when you’re ready, I think I’d probably be happy to accept that price.

Bump, registering interest. Still for sale.

Bump! Get your offers in!

Still for sale, going on holiday for several days towards the end of this week so responses may be patchy until next Monday

40b isk offered