WTS 54M SP Leviathan + Perfect Hel With a great name!

WTS 54M SP Leviathan & Perfect Hel Pilot

Skill Highlights
Caldari Titan 4 - 5 in 2 weeks
T2 Launchers + ammo
XL Missile Spec 4
Jump Drive Calibration 5
Minmatar Carrier 5
Amarr Carrier 4
Caldari Carrier 4
T2 Fighters + Fighter Bombers

Slots 1-6: High-Grade Nirvana Set 1-6
Slot 7: SM-705
Slot 8: EM-805
Slot 9: SP-905
Slot 10: RL-1005

Character Link: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/My_Local

Location: Jita 4-4
Positive Sec Status
Positive Wallet Balance
Bonus Remap: 1
In NPC Corp

Hel: In Rust We Trust
Leviathan: Malgarin Marshlight + Yoiul Star

Starting bid: 45b
Buyout: 53b

40 bil - fair price

i’d get the same if I extracted, regardless of skillbooks, implants and skins. Thanks for the free bump however.

good luck waiting

i noticed he’s a troll… he’s gone through a lot of em, basically trying to undercut anyone down to the extraction price or below…

I’ll offer 45B would be a shame to see this character extracted.

edit @ 3/27 05:20: Offer Retracted

Thankyou, it’s a little too low for me but I will keep you in mind :slight_smile:

Bump to the top :+1:

I’ll up my bid to 47B

edit @ 3/27 05:20: Offer Retracted

Minimum i’ll take is 55. First one to offer me that i’ll end up taking tbh.

49b offer

Thankyou for the offer. 55B is the amount that will take it. :slight_smile:

50b and my premium snapchat?

60b and your snapchat in that case :wink:

Is the Nirvana set located in Jita 4-4 or Init space?

It’s in his head. Located in Jita 4-4. [Eveskillboard may not be updated]

I’ll offer 51B

edit @ 3/27 05:20: Offer Retracted

Thankyou for the bid. But as it’s only been a few days I want to hold out to my minimum of 55.

Bump to the top

Bump to the top again :+1:

Bump to the top once again. Looking for that 55b offer!