WTS 29M SP Caldari Titan Pilot - <<SOLD>>

I’m selling Shilver a 29M skill point Caldari Titan Pilot. EveSkillboard - Shilver.

Positive Wallet and Standard Implants, No kill rights and no dodgy corporation background.

Currently situated in Tanoo.

Needs a couple of skills trained up before he’s a really good Caldari Titan Pilot but he has Caldari Titan to rank 4 and Doomsday operation to rank 4.

Looking for 40 bil ISK but open to offers.

Contact Darius ingame or leave a message here.

22b. Your price estimate is incredibly wrong.

I’m looking for more than 22b…in skill injectors and the titan skill alone it would be worth more than that.

the titan skill could add some value to the toon but the skill injectors is your own personal business and that doesnt add value to a toon. 30b is my offer

Hi Brandon - 30b is a fair offer for the character. You have a deal. If you transfer the funds I’ll make the character transfer this evening.

i will contact you ingame

I’ll be online in about 40 minutes time.

i will send you the funds and account info

Sounds good and thanks for the trade.

To be clear in my earlier post when I said the too was worth 22b in skill injectors alone I meant that if I was to pull all his skills down into injectors the character would be worth about 22b. Not that the character has 22b in skill injectors.

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