WTB Dread or Titan Character(25bil-35bil)


pls send skillboard thanks

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Zara_Krividus 30b


I can extract it down to meet your price range if interested.

cool,How many skill points and prices will you keep?

For 35 bil I can go down to 40m SP and leave all the Titan and dread skills.

cool,Agree to a deal

ok, I have to leave my corp, move to hi sec, and extract so give me some time.
I’ll contact you in game.

if you are really,please send mail to me,and i will send isk to you .

When I’m ready, I will post a private sale ad and send you the link to reply there so as to follow all CCP rules and protect us both.


that good

Available to start now :smiley:

I am also very interested in this role, do you have another similar character for sale?

Not any Titan pilots for now. Maybe in a week or two when I sell my assets.

It’s a pity, I like this character very much.

WTS Leviathan (Caldari Titan) Pilot Levi pilot

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