WTS 98 Mil. + 640k unallocated SP - Caldari TITAN Pilot

Character is located in High-Sec and has positive security status.
The character is already in an NPC corporation, although eveskillboard has not updated it.

Link: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Wasa_Bee


Caldari Titan V
Doomsday V
max. Fleet Support Skills

Starting bid: 75b
Buyout: 90b

75B offer


Up to top, this auction ends tomorrow.

Please check ingame mail concerning your reply to my previous mail.

Received your mail and accepting your offer. There is currently another character transfer on the account. I have to wait until it is completed to start the transfer. I’ll let you know so you can send the ISK and the account name. Also confirming, that the character has a positive wallet.

I want to know the quotes from other competitions to be fair. It’s good for everyone

Bid was 76b.

77B My offer

Offer received. This auction will be closed at 19:00 Eve time. Highest bid wins.

I have transferred to 77B according to the agreement and sent an account email in the game. Please transfer and remind me as soon as possible. thank you very much

Character transfer initiated. Thanks you very much.

The role has been received and the transaction is complete. wish you a happy life

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