WTB Phoenix Character

Budget 90 bil ish, whatcha got?
Near phoenix pilot okay, if it has amazing missile skills

Primarily it is an Leviathan pilot but has decent skills in missiles for both levi and pheoenix.
If titan is a thing you want in the future its a great combo.

Ah I sold off all my titans 3 years ago, and have no interest in getting another one. Not writing off the char however, but I don’t have a use for titans.

Asking price?

Daily Bump

It will be 63B BO

If you’d take 59 bil I can pay right now

62B is actually lowest I would go. Sorry

Eh why not, I will be sending isk to Violence Chad in a moment

Once ISK is received I will relocate clones out of nullsec and join NPC corp.

ISK Sent, Char transfer acc info sent

Isk and info received. I will relocate now and initiate transfer. Gonna update with time of initiation. Thank you

Can you please reply ingame via chat / mail ?


Transfer initiated at the time below.
Apr 24, 2024 05:53 PM

Enjoy your pilot!