A properly (perfectly) focused Phoenix/Leviathan Pilot


(KC Kamikaze) #1

Only applicable skills that are not 5 are fleet command

Includes Raata Levi skin and Steel Cardinal Phoenix skin.
Positive Wallet
No Killrights

What would he be worth to you?

pass: titan

(TxivYawg1) #2

70bil buyout offer

BTW, you will need to post with Gingervitis to confirm he is really for sale. if not, your thread will be deleted by GM pretty sooon.

(Gingervitis) #3

Thanks for the offer.

I feel like that’s a bit low for an 88m sp toon with titan skillbook (5b), nomads (5b), and skins.

(KC Kamikaze) #4

Still looking for offers.

(Investor Joe) #5


(KC Kamikaze) #6

75b Offer accepted. Send isk and account details.

(Investor Joe) #7

sent isk and acc name @KC_Kamikaze @Gingervitis

(KC Kamikaze) #8

Isk and account info received. Character transfer started.


(system) #9

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