A properly (perfectly) focused Phoenix/Leviathan Pilot

Only applicable skills that are not 5 are fleet command

Includes Raata Levi skin and Steel Cardinal Phoenix skin.
Positive Wallet
No Killrights

What would he be worth to you?

pass: titan

70bil buyout offer

BTW, you will need to post with Gingervitis to confirm he is really for sale. if not, your thread will be deleted by GM pretty sooon.

Thanks for the offer.

I feel like that’s a bit low for an 88m sp toon with titan skillbook (5b), nomads (5b), and skins.

Still looking for offers.


75b Offer accepted. Send isk and account details.

sent isk and acc name @KC_Kamikaze @Gingervitis

Isk and account info received. Character transfer started.


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