WTS 27.1 M SP Pilot (T2 Siege, phoenix) (Cancelled)

(Azak Khan) #1

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Azak_Khan PW: 1234

This character has positive wallet, +4 clone, no negative faction standings besides pirate, -1.0 sec status (not prohibited in hs space).

Quick glance of capabilities:
Flies phoenix with T2 siege - T2 rapid torps or XL torps (lvl 4) T1 (No jump skills FYI)
Flies DST/cloaky hauler (minmatar)
Flies Hictor (onyx)
Flies dictor (sabre) w/ T2 small autocannons
Can use probes on cheetah
Maxed missile support skills

If I extracted, I get 19.6B. 1000 plex for transfer is 3.2B.
Starting price is 23B. Any less and I will just extract and it will be more convenient.

Reply to this post or in mail in-game with offer

(Azak Khan) #2

First offer recieved for 23.5B and bump

(Tee - Jay) #3

23,6 b

(Azak Khan) #4

daily bump

(SarnBix) #5

you arent gonna get alot for it since it has 0 jump skillz so its basically worthless

(Azak Khan) #6

I’m looking for anything above extraction value. That makes it worthwhile. Which I have. And will probably sell soon. It’s basically starting character for a dread alt. 23.6B is not worthless tbh

(SarnBix) #7

tto extract it for points sure. but no one will be to keen on buying it if they ahve to train weeks of jump skills when they could just buy another toon that is properly trained. but best of luck to you.

(Gotan M Kreiss) #8


(system) #9

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