WTS basic 16.7m Phoenix pilot

As title says wts my alt :

Phoenix lvl4
T1 siege
T2 Torps+Xl torps
Can solo C5/C6

In own corp, all CCP rules, plex transfer
Unfortunately invested all isk in toon, so cant afford 1 more phoenix to fly)

Im for sale, in npc corp(api not updated, check ingame)

15 buyout?

16b bid

Buyer not responding, ill wait for 18b b/o offer

I’ll do 16 if you want.

18B buyout online now

Sorry im at work. Ill accept your b/o
Send isk and account name to character being sold(this)

But check first post - i will do plex transfer, so it will take maybe a bit longer(ill be home at 17-00 Eve time)

Thanks! ISK and Account name sent!

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All recieved, petition created, hope that will be done fast

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Any response from CCP?

https://forums.eveonline.com/t/69m-subcap-char-perfect-precursor-char-and-can-fly-rorq/165576/4 :gift_heart:

Character Received. Transfer Complete

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