Selling a focused phoenix pilot.

T2 Siege
Near max missile skills
400k SP away from Capital Ships 5.
Caldari Dread 4.
2 Bonus remaps

To please the forum police.
npc corp
positive wallet
no jump clones
no kill rights
Will be in high sec.

All the usual rules apply.

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Will offer 8B Isk

Will offer 9B

will offer 12 bil

Offer 13b

Thanks for the offers, but too low for what i would consider selling him for.

What would you consider selling him for?

I am looking for 19B.


Thanks for the offer. However i think 19B is a good price. Within a month or so, you’ll have a maxed missile and dread 5 phoenix pilot.

Hm, unfortunately, 19b is way over extraction value. I’ll offer 15b, good for 24 hours.

Thanks for the offer, but ill pass.


Found another char removing my offer here.

No worries.



how about 17b

Ill accept 18b. Can be online shortly to complete if needed.

OK, cool, I can accept the deal

Fantastic. I have been called into work…

I accept the offer, feel free to send isk and account info and i will start the transfer as soon as i can.