FOR SALE: Dread 5 Phoenix with max missiles t2 siege 24m SP

Caldari Dread 5.
T2 Siege
Max missile skills

2 Bonus remaps

To please the forum police.
npc corp
positive wallet
no jump clones
no kill rights
Will be in high sec.

All the usual rules apply.

I offer 15b

oh, it’s you again lol🤣

It is!

I am looking for 20B for this character.


11 b offer

I offer 16B

Thanks for the offers guys, but looking for 20B

I’d buy it but I would need some time to get the ISK



offer withdrawn


20b i offer

I accept, please send ISK and account information to the character being sold.

Mail Sent and ISK sent.

Received, starting transfer.

Transfer started