WTB Dread ALT [20-30b]


looking for a Dread alt. Budget arround 20-30b, more liquids available for the right toon. Either Nag or Nev focused, preferably no wasted SP.

Please offer away :wink:

Naglfar Alt, T2 Siege, T2 Guns, Gunnery skills V, Dread V

@Noir_Dera, 20 bil for you

How much do you want for that Toon?

Kind Regards


any toons to sell? now that we all unsubbed :slight_smile:

i have this toon - El capitanrojos Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Amarr Dread pilot, can be in a npc corp within in mins.


sent you an eve mail.


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