Price Check Please - 63M SP Dread Alt

Hello. Returning player here looking to get an idea of the value of this Dread alt I was training back in the day. Lots of skills at 5, also able to fly ceptors and sit in archons (hey and an Aeon, look at that); great for WHs.

Everything is pretty neutral, I never really used him for anything.

Any ballpark price estimates and/or recommendation on things I could train to get him finished would be much appreciated.


While unfortunately I do not have a use for this character I will share to you my advice. It’s a nice character with very little wasted sp. I would not settle for anything less than 65 if it were mine, and I think you can get 75 quite easily or possibly more if you are patient.

There is one major flaw. You should train jump drive calibration 5 immediately. Not having it is a major turn off for characters like this.

Beyond this you should consider training towards a titan, as people who will want to purchase this character will most likely use it for that. While you do not necessarily need to train it fully into the titan prior to the sale, at this level of sp it will be costly to inject the rest of the way, and that may turn potential buyers away. So long as it remains under 80 million sp it is still an option, but reducing the injector cost by training it that way while you wait to the sell will make the character more appealing.

You may consider extracting some non capital skills excluding useful utility skills (skill for ceptor, drug skill, etc) that may add convenience for people using it. Obviously that may harm slightly the final sale price, but it will make the character sell faster, and puts more distance until the 80mil sp cap for injecting the toon into a titan which is another thing a buyer for a character of this type will be looking at.

Best of luck on your sale.

For a more realistic price, this would sell for at least 50b to about 65b, barring any bid wars.

Thanks very much for your reply & advice!

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