WTS 160M SP Titan/Super/Carrier/Dread/Rorqual/Freighter

126B extract start bid 130 billion buyout
Titan- Erebus- Erebus Police skin
4 race carrier and dread
Rorqual-maxed out mining and a lot of refining skills
Jump Freighter- Rhea- JDC 5 -JDO 5 Charon and Providence freighter
Flag cruiser
Jack of all things EVE
location jita…. Full Amulet set and Full crystal set
positive security status
1 yearly map and 3 remaps.
There are enough skills here to make character you want by extracting what you don’t need and injecting what you want.
All CCP rules apply, positive isk balance.

126 bil

Thank you for the offer and it will be accepted if no higher bids by 0000 EVE time on 05/13.

bump me


Thank you. High bid gets this toon 5/13 @ 0000

nice toon.

Are you accepting PLEX for this character?

What is your offer exactly?

What’s the price on the automated character transfer for PLEX page?

I don’t know of any such page. Plex on market is 1 @ 2,650,000.00. So 130 billion @ 49,000 ish. I can’t imagine having to sell all that. Looks like buy orders running at 2.5m each so that’s your target and plenty of buyers at that price. Sell it and come get this toon or the other one I’m going to sell after this one. Titan ready but haven’t bought skill, has got cap artillery spec and cap blaster spec. 155,735M SP can do everything. https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/kim_jongell

Just read rules again. Characters may only be sold for ISK… NO other item.

Copy that. I’ll be in touch.

Thank you for your bid. It’s yours if no higher bids by tomorrow 0000 EVE time.

may i ask what bil short for?is it means 128UDS?

127 Billion isk was last bid.

Waiting on your response. 130 billion buy out.


This toon is going to sell. Real offers???