WTS 143M PERFECT Titan/Super/Carrier/Dread/BLOPS Pilot


Start 150 Bill
B/O 200 Bill

Auction will run 1 week from the first bid over 150 bill

In Jita
No kill rights
positive wallet
1 remap
505,000 Unallocated SP
Lots of capital skins
Small Killboard (wasnt used often)
Allowed in all high sec.

A lot of isk in implants inc:
1 titan pod
1 Zirnitra pod
1 Learning pod

Per CCP rules I will pay transfer fees

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First 125 bill offer will get this awesome character

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Looking for offers

90b :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking for a bit more.

Still taking offers

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110B B/O. I’d offer you a bit more but I’m going to have to get him flying an Erebus which won’t be cheap. Nice character overall.

I sent you mail in game if this character is still for sale.

send isk and account name.

Isk and account name sent. Thank you.

will start transfer as soon as your character slot is open

Slot is free.