WTS 100m SP Titan/Super/Cap/Booster pilot (354k unallocated SP)


Positive wallet
No kill rights
1 Jump clone + the clone he is currently sitting in
the clone he is sitting in has 3 +4 implants
the other has CA-1, CA-2, EE-603 and Skirmish command link
Remap available
Located in JIta hi-sec

Can fly all carriers and all supercarriers
Minmatar Titan trained to level V
He has character resculpting available
Has not been played since 2015 and is practically a clean slate.

I do not have a starting bid so bid away!

This is a PLEX transfer sale.


86 bil


88 bil

up up up

I will set buyout at 90B.

Up with this. 90 bil folks. Minmatar Titan level V

90b b/o

90B BO accepted. Unfortunately I can not start a transfer until on sunday . If you are willing to wait you can send isk and account information and I will start the transfer asap.

That is fine, will send isk and info soon

Isk sent mail sent aswell

Hi, sorry totally forgot to post in the thread but I have opened a ticket with customer support so the character should be with you any time soon :slight_smile:

any news on status update?, been couple days with no email.

No the support ticket is still open and no reply from a GM still. Really sorry about this but it’s out of my hands :confused:

I just submitted another support ticket now since it’s been 5 days since I submitted the original one and no reply still.
This can’t be normal right? Is CCP’s customer service really this bad?

yes its quite frustrating it is taking so long

Good news! Character just got transferred, should be on your account now :slight_smile:

Character recieved, Thanks! Seems you dont get an email like regular transfers.

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