WTS 100m SP Titan/Super/Cap/Booster pilot (354k unallocated SP)

(makstomaks) #1


Positive wallet
No kill rights
1 Jump clone + the clone he is currently sitting in
the clone he is sitting in has 3 +4 implants
the other has CA-1, CA-2, EE-603 and Skirmish command link
Remap available
Located in JIta hi-sec

Can fly all carriers and all supercarriers
Minmatar Titan trained to level V
He has character resculpting available
Has not been played since 2015 and is practically a clean slate.

I do not have a starting bid so bid away!

This is a PLEX transfer sale.

(xalongskam) #2


(Gattanera) #3

86 bil

(xalongskam) #4


(Gattanera) #5

88 bil

(makstomaks) #6

up up up

(makstomaks) #7

I will set buyout at 90B.

(makstomaks) #8

Up with this. 90 bil folks. Minmatar Titan level V

(Yizdale Bolmara) #9

90b b/o

(makstomaks) #10

90B BO accepted. Unfortunately I can not start a transfer until on sunday . If you are willing to wait you can send isk and account information and I will start the transfer asap.

(Yizdale Bolmara) #11

That is fine, will send isk and info soon

(Yizdale Bolmara) #12

Isk sent mail sent aswell

(makstomaks) #13

Hi, sorry totally forgot to post in the thread but I have opened a ticket with customer support so the character should be with you any time soon :slight_smile:

(Yizdale Bolmara) #14

any news on status update?, been couple days with no email.

(makstomaks) #15

No the support ticket is still open and no reply from a GM still. Really sorry about this but it’s out of my hands :confused:

(makstomaks) #16

I just submitted another support ticket now since it’s been 5 days since I submitted the original one and no reply still.
This can’t be normal right? Is CCP’s customer service really this bad?

(Yizdale Bolmara) #17

yes its quite frustrating it is taking so long

(TheOldestTwin) #18

Good news! Character just got transferred, should be on your account now :slight_smile:

(Yizdale Bolmara) #19

Character recieved, Thanks! Seems you dont get an email like regular transfers.

(system) #20

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