WTS 51 m sp Avatar pilot


Amarr Titan Pilot:

Capital Ships V
Amarr Titan V

Selling in accordance with ccp rules. Character was moved to npc corp.
Current location: Podion
1 Jump clone
No kill rights
Wallet Zero

BO: 43 B ISK

no bids for 3 days?

we can t have info about ship can fly or not.

40b - online now

I will wait for a bit more. I will accept 45B BO

@MASTYAN the skillq link you have provided is not a share link, please update it. If this is not resolved, this thread will close in 24 hours.

I did provide a shar link, it seems there is something wrong with the site, I will change it to another site link.

@Kantana_Vemane Would you do 45 bil BO?

New BO: 43 B

I’ll do 42B, can do it now if accepted

Ok, 42 bil offer accepted. send isk and info

Got called out to a fleet, ready when you are!

you can send isk anytime

ISK and account name sent. Thanks

Transfer is on its way, thanks!

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