WTS 200 MIl+ - Fly Just About Everything lvl 5 -Including Titan-Most Subs 175BBO


1. Wallet balance.
10,000 isk in toons wallet

2. Kill rights
No kill rights currently

3. Jump clones
0 of 10 jump clones installed

4. Character location.
Character is docked in Jita NPC station

Not quite sure exactly what he is worth so open to offers until I see one that appears appropriate. Definitely selling.


Do need a Titan char and I’d offer 130b



130B is the current highest offer.

Hi Jacky22, will accept the 130BN if still valid. Much obliged. -Trauma

Okay, I’ll send isk in few mins

Cool beans - Thanks


ok I’ll verify and initiate transfer if so - he’s ready to rock. Thanks.

Isk received, transfer paid and initiated… see you in just about 10 hours! Thanks!

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