Price check Avatar Titan Char


im new to selling Chars so maybe i can get an idea what i can expect in case i want to sell.
According to skilltime it should be around around 60b for skill injection its around 90b if i didnt calc wrong. But i have ZERO clue what rumbers are real at all.
PW: 12345

46,7m SP
Titan 5
DD 5
Rapid DD 4
Jumpskills 5 (except fuel lv4)
Bridge 5
T2 Cap Guns
All armor LV 5
All needed skills to fit TPs / Sebos / Smartys / Neuts etc
Clean char

  • no killmails
  • never joind a corp
  • positive Wallet
  • 200k free SP
  • 1 remap

Ty for help me with this
PS: Im sorry if the forum is not up to handle pricechecks…

Nice looking toon.

With few exceptions, character value is pretty much driven by the net (I-E) value of the extractable skill points. In your case, that would currently be about 35 billion ISK. I would offer that figure if you were to decide to sell.


Thinking of selling? We’re currently buying characters, contact us for a bid.


Are you looking to sell this toon ?
I am willing to offer 38B for it.

Let me know.

40B isk

45b bid

46B isk

47b bid

48B isk