PC on Character - Alot of Lvl 5, and just needs titan skillbook for titan

Hi there,

Looking for a price check on this toon. Very seriously looking at selling as I have less time for eve these days.

Look at the skills. Not many this character doesnt have at level 5!!!


PW: 0701


It is worth about 140 Billion ISK

i would go for a bit less
make that a 120-125
sicne its capital and titan focussed except for the few skillbooks you realy need
to be exact doomsday operation
( forgot the name) the skillbook for boson
and a few others
and i would just for the vieuw also train the titan skillbook itself since youll get the money back when you sell the toon anyway
if you train those titan specific skill books you prolly aim for the 150 -170

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