WTB Ragnarok Pilot (closed)

Looking for a Ragnarok focused pilot. Please link me your skill page below or via eve mail. I’ll get back to you with an offer asap. Thanks!


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Almost a foucsed Rag, please notice that titan skill book was injected

Hi @Mangooo, I’m interested although not seeing the titan skill book being injected on the skill page website. Can you please confirm that it is injected, maybe via screenshot? Please let me know if you have any pricing expectations.

yes, this char holds 58.1m SP so i want 58b for SP.
6b for titan skill book, and 5b for full-seet nirvana set which will be sell with char.
totally 69b, as reason above. :slight_smile:
(wow great numbers pog)

@Mangooo Appreciate it. How does 65b sound? I can send now if you’re ready, thanks.

@Adranas_Sharisa thanks for your offer. but too low for me. i can do 67B if you have isk ready :slight_smile:

@Mangooo 67b is good with me. Please confirm you’re good with 67b and I’ll send isk + account name.

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@Adranas_Sharisa confirm, send isk and mail please . i will move pod to NPC station and start transfer.

@Mangooo thanks. Just sent you isk and mail w/ acc name. Let me know any questions and please confirm transfer.


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