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A word of caution, you could inject this character for 30bil and the person could choose their name.
So, good luck with the sale, but I’d maybe think of a more realistic pricing structure

Did some math, adjusted my expectations, thanks.

No worries, hope you get a price you’re happy with

Still Available

16b offer

Entertaining realistic offers.

17b based on 18msp, exceptionally realistic offer.

To inject this toon would cost approx 44 injectors at 638m each. Titan skill book is 6B, top end value of this toon is 34B. Lower end would be 18B, (9-1/2 to 10 months of game time(11.7B) plus the skill book(6B)). If you want the convience of buying one off the shelf, make an offer in the early/mid 20’s. Thank you for looking.

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