5.2 Mil Stripped Amarr Titan/Rev injected character

Location: Jita
EveSkillboard: Moonrisen
No killrights for or against
Positive wallet and sec status
No assets included
2 free remaps available
0 unused skill points
1 Jump Clone in Jita
NPC noob Corp. No prior Corp history.
I pay transfer

10 Bil worth of skillbooks injected, including Avatar, Revelation, DD operation, Jump skills, Capital Ships, etc. Willing to sell to anyone wanting to inject their own character, looking for a buyout closest to book cost.

Auction ends : July 4, 2020 @ 1800 Eve Time

Start Bid: 6 Bil
End: Closest to skill book + character cost

Daily bump, reasonable offers considered

Ill offer 5bil

5.5 bil so youre transfer costs are covered

Thanks for the bids guys, I’ll definitely consider them but I am away out of town till the weekend. Will get back to you Friday night/Sat morning at the latest. Thanks, appreciate this.

Withdrawn - apologies.

Thanks AnzacPaul, just got in. I want to give the initial bidders a chance to bid as well as I said I’d get back to them so lets say if no other offers received by Saturday, April 26th at 1800 in game time then she’s yours.

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Ok thanks, please note I am AUTZ, so wont be on when this closes.

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Ty, looks like you are the winner Anzac. Appreciate your understanding with waiting. At your convenience, plese transfer the ISK to this character along with the account name you wish for me to send the character to. Please ensure you have a free character slot to receive her and let me know in this thread that you are ready for transfer as I am never online on this character.

Thanks again.

I apologise, but I must withdraw from this bid.

Sorry for the stuff around OP.

No worries, cheers.

Auction remains open then. Will set the end date July 4, 2020 @ 1800 Eve Time

Daily bump

Why do you market a dread/titan toon and didnt keep basic capital skills?

Its so much cheaper to buy a dread toon with 25m SP and just buy the titan book.

You have to strip the cap skills to get it to 5mil. No way around it.

Questions about the sale or bids only please.

My offer 3b

Daily bump

Daily bump

4.5 B/O

Thank you for the offer. Will decline at present and keep this auction going

alright, I’ll bump my offer up to 5.5