Nvm, Going to strip and relist.<

Location: Jita
EveSkillboard: Moonrisen
No killrights for or against
Positive wallet and sec status
No assets included
2 free remaps available
0 unused skill points
NPC noob Corp. No prior Corp history.

23 mil Amarr Titan/dread pilot. Little to no waste. Has all skill books purchased and injected/started. Will offload now for a decent price if you want to inject, or will keep and train longer if lowball offers. (Please remember this character has 10bil in skill books injected)

Auction ends : June 19 @ 1800 eve time

Start Bid: 28 Bil
No buyout set, reasonable offers considered

29B all i got


Thank you Syndra for your offer, however will let this auction run longer to gauge interest.
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Good luck with your sale!

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23B offered.

24 b offer

Please note I will only consider the set minimum bid offers and greater to be acceptable. Any offers lower than this will not be considered, and will not be up for debate. If you feel the price is not what you wish to pay, keep looking through the hundreds of other posts on this forum. Otherwise, you are bumping this thread needlessly and being disrespectful to the other sellers. Thank you.

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Take the 29b. No t2 guns, no JC V.

29b is overpaying as is.

Bids or questions only please. Other comments, advice or bumps are unnecessary. Thank you.

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29.5b iskies ready

For an even 30 let’s do it;)

Daily bump, Dr H if your interested drop a line here otherwise the first 30 Bil and I can be yours.

I just injected a toon instead lol

Thanks though.

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