Remove please

Want sell this toon,

*great kill board. Agesilaus III | Character | zKillboard
*level 4/5 mission runner
*basic gal dread pilot
*amazing command pilot for gal/mim
*gal/min/cal battleships
*will pay transfer fee
*fantastic drone skills
*gal/min t3 cruisers
*Black ops pilot

starting bid 45billion
boyout 65billion

Thanks for the offer auction ends Friday. Good luck

If you can go to 75bil I’ll accept and toon is yours.

Daily bump

Daily bump 52bil offered and acknowledged on another post. Sale ends Friday 7pm gmt

54b / out. Sending eve mail for info

offer aknowledged, i will be active at about 7pm tonight will mssage then.

online now if you still want the toon

Daily bump

Daily bump 63bil buyout

hey man im sorry i can’t offer you what you want but i can 100% send 50b right now.

50bil is too low sorry if you can pull close to the 60bil ill let it go for that. Its worth 75-90bil.

im sorry but 60 is out of my price range. It is a nice toon, im not denying that, i just don’t have it. What number do you need?

Think I am going to take it down for now. I’ll let you know when I decide on selling again.

thats too bad. im usually around this time of day, message me if you change your mind. Happy New Year!

Happy new year add me in game and I’ll let you know when I am selling, I am extracting some of the pointless skills I have trained up then ill probably stick it back on the market for cheaper.

Happy new year to you as well

don’t you dare extract stuff yet! ill add you in game within an hour.

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