Greetings and salutation Eve-O, WTS this character as i have no more interest in eve atm, price is not negotiable and i have no rush to sell, if you are really interested, please mail me or convo me ingame.
Starting Price 18 Billion ISK.
password: pass

PS. I will keep training the toon in the mean time and located in NPC corp Jita 4-4.

From other posts if seen what fighter skills you at and where is the toon currently located,

Jita 4-4, currently in a corporation awaiting sell. No roles ready to extract.

Don’t mean to just your bubble to read the rules to character selling it needs to he in an NPC corp to sell do this and in 1 hour when I’m home from work we talk about buying this

I’ll throw an offer in @11b

i’ll offer 12B

13 bil

13.5 bil

14 bil

I will not accept anything below 18 b I am in no rush. Thanks. For all the bids. Heavy and light fighter @ 4 so you can use t2.

18b offer

Thanks for the offer I will be online in an hour. If by then one else is interested I can can start trade. Hit me with a mail.

Online and ready for conversation, last bit 18b on Fryd Zeal, but yet no email to confirm, in the mean time until isk is received i am accepting more offers. Good day.

will transfer money and account id tonight.

Great to see your reply, i will await the transfer and information. NOw if only another hero would step in and make it 20b that would make my day. Until information and isk is received i will accept 20b.

isk and account info sent

Hello and thanks. Currently away from home but as soon as I get home will start the transfer

I will be return the isk to you. I am very sorry for the inconvinience. The toon will be keep training until a better isk value is reached. Thanks a lot and sorry.

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