WTS old and unused toon ****SOLD******

Looking to sell my toon as he isn’t used anymore and don’t need him

heres the eve skill board, im looking for 5b minimum although it is negotiable

No time wasters, no tyre kickers

serious offers only

pass is 1234

4B Want Him NOW XD

Take my offer now, no time wasted. We can negotiate minimum price. But I want him ASAP

done dude! eve mail Shadea Kavees ingame

4B? done

I’m currently at my office, if will get back home in 8 hours

We doing 4B or 4.5B you cool with that?


So final price 4B?

i can do 4.5 if it doesnt leave you broke :slight_smile:

Will take you for 4.5B

either, but payment must be sent to my main, Shadea Kavees :slight_smile:

Will Do

Just want to confirm that you are aware of the $20 character transfer fee.

i am :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

5b offer :slight_smile:

Also the payment has to go to the char for sale (rules)

sorry sold already

I bet he is… then please go and read the forum rules :ok_hand:

5.5b just in case you haven’t started the transfer yet.