[WTB} All Characters 5-150m SP

Please post a skill board and I will make an offer.


I’m looking to part with this toon for the right iskies (PW: buyme)

76.6 SP + 90k Unallocated SP

psw: 420

@MagicMos - 87b
@Khoraxx - 55b

I accept 87b for MagicMos.

In game contact is Fyrdung Tyr if you need to reach me.

Great! ISK sent to @MagicMos character.

Edit: And mail sent with account name.

35.6m sp

@Aggrovated 23b

how much do you offer?

Hi, this is Shissika Kado, confirming that I can be for sale

Also, this is Rina Madeveda confirming.

And finally Tatyana.


EveSkillboard - DG fusheng