[WTB ] All toons - Looking for quick isk and have toons you don’t need?! Click here

Looking to buy any toons you no longer need. Please post your Eveskillboard link below and I will make you an offer as soon as possible

Toons must have at least 15 mil SP

If you do not get a reply here, you are more than welcome to mail me in-game!

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41M SP

Selling this toon. Would you be interested?

Hi @Rabicuss,

Thanks for taking the time to post. I unfortunately cannot offer you more than the current bid of 37bil.
I appreciate you taking the time to post!


I’d accept 37B at this point if you have the isk at hand. If not then it’s fine. I’m in no real rush to sell.

@Igotta_Bigguns I can offer you 85bil

Thanks. But been offered 100b at this point. o7

@Rabicuss Thanks for the prompt reply. I will have to pass on this one. Just a heads up the toon is at 40.2mil sp not 41. For someone who extracts toons that could be a bit misleading and yes that extra 800k-ish sp makes a difference in our profit margins :slight_smile:

It hasn’t updated yet for some reason. The toon is 100% 41M SP. I can provide screen shots of needed. Certainly not trying to mislead anyone.

I appreciate your reply though good sir.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/seth_cowin looking to sell how much ??

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Scarlett_Killer also looking to sell this how much pls ??

You interested in upping your offer at all? Profiled you and you are more trustworthy than a couple I have spoke to.

can offer you 63bil for scarlett

@Igotta_Bigguns Thank you for the kind words. I can try and up that to 88bil

Thanks. I’ll be in touch

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Hey @Myrmidon_King how about this character: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Guiness_McUnion

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Wraegar can you mail me your offer please

o/ @Kristina_Akachi I will mail you in-game. Please note you need to post with the character you are selling if we are going to complete a transaction.

@Igotta_Bigguns mailed you in-game

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