[WTB ] All toons - Looking for quick isk and have toons you don’t need?! Click here


Mail me an offer and post here as well if you don’t mind.

@Sarro_Azizora I can offer you 46bil.



any revelation pilots for sale ?

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ion_Ilici_Iliescu can sit one I’ve injected the skills needed to fly it better just it’s a couple of months of that.

message me ingame

perfect rorq and proccessing pilot


I see the highest bid is 30bil at the moment. I unfortunately cannot go higher but thank you for posting!

Selling myself:


So, this thread is just for you to low-ball people and take toons that they can extract themselves and make more money if they had done it themselves?

o/ @Solonius_Rex Thanks for the free bump. Also, people have the option to do as they please. Eveskillboard gives you an idea of what you can extract from it so I assume people inform themselves.

Sure, but im just making sure whats going on in this thread.

Pricecheck on 3 toons! NYx toon pvp hawk pilot and nag pilot :)! 3 toons here


Hi @Kristina_Akachi,

I’ve sent you an in-game mail with my offers :slight_smile: . Thanks for swinging by

Hey @Spartan_0118, I’ve messaged you in-game. Thanks!


hey how much for this toon. cheers!


Hi, I’m selling Dang Dong - the best named character in all of New Eden!

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Dang_Dong password is jita

What would you offer me?