WTS 26 mil sp Char

I want to sell this Toon:

b/o: 17b

no Killrights
npc corp
pos. Wallet
in high sec. near Jita


how about 15b?

… 16 b?

15.5? :slight_smile:

How about you provide the required disclosures needed when posting a character sale as per CCP’s character sales rules and policies? Specifically Section C comes to mind.

You can read and review this information here at Welcome to the Character Bazaar - Marketplace / Character Bazaar - EVE Online Forums

why should I provide ?

thx for the hint @Celine_Sophia_Maricadie … Informations has been added

@Glaceman 15,5 bid acceptet… char will be transferred after ISK recieved on Tiana

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Not you, the seller. And they have kindly updated what was needed. My post was a direct reply to theirs. Sorry for any confusion.

I did not buy a character before could you help me or is there a link ?

  1. you send the isk to tiana dyson

  2. you send me the acc i have to send the toon

  3. you recieve the toon

  4. end


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I sent you mail in game did u see that?

yes…of course it´s okay.

all sent

can you make a transfer to steam account ? My account info: STEAM::23273354

I´m sorry but i don´t know if it´s working… please check by yourself or send me a eve acc. name please

u mean not steam account ? and I think I cant check but u can see that if transfer is initiated u may not be able to play.

I created username for my steam account. Could you initiate transfer to this account : eruysaliz93

toon is on it´s way … please check and report in

I received the transfer thank you.

The transfer is completed. thank you again.