auction with min bid = 10B

wallet balance = 0
no kill rights
one jump clone with plus 1 implants, 2nd clone no implants
located in Kusomonmon (3 jumps from Jita)

misc: cybernetics lvl 5 and 196 skins

still looking for a new home

5bil offer

5B won’t cut it sorry

Np’s its and offer and 5 bil all the value i see in the toon hopefully you get what you want

6 billions.


appreciate the interest/bids, but with the 1M unallocated am hoping to get more.

8b B/O


ISK and email have been sent, please initiate transfer as soon as possible as agreed in game :wink:

Account transfer has been started. There is a 10hr delay so you should have the char this evening. Appreciate the sale and hope you enjoy the char.

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thx mate :wink:

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