Selling me

No killrights
positive wallet
Located in jita
positive sec status
+5’s learning clone
High grade snakes clone

can pilot all marauders and more, just take a look

Looking for 100b or so, lets make a deal!
Auction ends when I get bored or a lucky buyer hits those magic numbers and makes my wallet tingle ;D

If you can trade now, then I am willing to offer 100b ISK to purchase it

Send isk and info, I can transfer now or in an hour as I have an errand to do if you don’t catch me before then, either way I can transfer shortly

Just a moment, I’ll go sell some PLEX and give you 100b

ISK and email have been sent, please initiate role transfer as soon as possible

Sorry for the delay, isk and info received.
Character transfer initiated, enjoy

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