WTS 9.3 m Shield Logi Pilot

Currently located in Jita (assets in Dital Freeport)

-> Positive standings.

-> Positive wallet + 15 Plex

-> No killrights.

-> Character in npc corp now.

Agreed Price to be Paid to Posting Character

This is my first character sale, so please be patient, I may make mistakes and leave required information out. I will correct errors that are pointed out to me.

Starting bid: 8 billion

Character Skill Sheet

Edit: Offer Retracted

Sorry OP, but you need to post on the character you are selling. Especially since the name is so very different in this case.

(also, your price may be quite a bit too high compared to all other sales, but thats your choice ofcourse)

So far deal, will give people till end of week to bid.

Issue is I dont want the isk transferred to the character I’m selling. To avoid any confusion for potential buyers - The name of the Character being sold is Kot w butach Click here for EVE Skill Board

I have lower the starting price to reflect any feedback

Closed at OP’s polite request.