SOLD - Wts this toon now 46 mil sp 30 bil b/o

this toon for sale
klik me

30 bil B/O

I pay transfer fee

Can offer you 25b??

:slight_smile: will wait im sure someone will offer more
but thx for some start

i will offer you 28b buyout

bump :slight_smile:

will you do 30 bil b/o?

i will offer 31b b/o

if till weekend nobody make better offer toon is ur

im away the weekend so today would be good

so i wait for other offers :wink: and this would be good :slight_smile:

plans have changed now so i will be around

so do you class today as the start of the weekend

now im sure will wait for better offer i check bazaar and my toon is worth more :wink:
and i have time i dont need sell now for to low price

ok no problem

so bump today

so your not keeping your word that if by the weekend you will sell to me

ur pushing me provoke me to check on bazaar what prices people pay for toons with same sp and ur offer is to low

mate it was you that said this

if till weekend nobody make better offer toon is ur

your going bback on your word all im saying

ur answers make me sure price is low and u try make fast dil :slight_smile: i have time now i hasve week daysoff so idont need to rush

np i retract my offer as you dont honer your words