PW: 1234

changed it to auction, bids start at 20bil auction ends friday at 8:00pm est char goes to highest bidder
(will transfer if an acceptable buyout is met prior to auction end date)

No killrights
-1.4 standing
located in Perimeter no Jumpclones no implants
3mil in wallet
hes an okay titan pilot needs some work does alright in a nyx as well still could use some work but a great toon and an awesome name!


35bil b/o offer?

Not enough for me to sell now but if you are the only bid by Friday at 2000 est he is yours

i tell ya what 40bil and the toon is yours cause im tired of looking at his face

I would of offered 40bil mate but other things came up ingame so only have 35b

I would offer 38b

39 and ill transfer now

Ok, 39b. But I need to go back from work, it will be within 12 hours, would that be ok?

actually i just checked character mail i have a higher offer sorry about that ill be selling to someone else

Already sold? if not the price is negotiable.

he hasnt replied yet he offered 48bil which is alot closer to current market values so im waiting on him.

Has the character sold yet?

i replied to you in game bud

have reached a price in game Lord Annubis wins the toon send isk and acc info bud and ill get him headed your way!

isk and acc info received transfer started

confirmed sale agreed and isk & info sent

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