Pls Delet

PLS Delet

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Free bump for a sexy pilot :heart_eyes:

@Viridiana ‘Vi’ Sovari Thanks and Daily Bump

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150 bil

@James_Bond-007 I am not insulted by your free bump, but nice try!

Bumpy Bumpy :arrow_up:

Ba Da Bump

175 bil

contacted in-game

@Maizie_Fields Thank you for starting us off with your bid.

@Shnitzel_Tiras Thank you for your interest in me.

Note: Correspondence regarding the sale would be best kept within this thread since I rarely log into this account except to update the skill queue.

bumpity bump bump

To the Top we go

180bil here

181 bil

Thank you for your interest @Red_Lola and @James_Bond-007.

@James_Bond-007 has the current High Bid at 181 bil

183 bil

@Red_Lola now leads with 183 bil

Title and OP have been updated with additional details

I added the Eve Monument name location to the OP.

Note: In order to find a name that contains an apostrophe in it you must first place a backwards slash. For example, your character’s name would have to be spelled “Cai Phone’kopai” on the Monument Finder. Thanks @GM Arkarian for that information.

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